Redefining the future of Web3 music ownership, publishing and licensing via NFT standards, decentralized governance and automated finance. We call it, Music3.

The past 100 days have been huge. We’ve seen the MODA partners and community come together to launch the token, and take a huge leap towards Music3; our mission of creating a fully decentralized music ecosystem. We are grateful for the support we’ve received, and we must all strive to keep the community in mind as we continue work.


Join the MODA DAO discord to discover token-holder-only chat groups: Members VIP chat (5 tokens minimum) and Creator VIP Chat (10 tokens minimum), as defined in the LitePaper. The first 50 will score a pair of NFT wearables as a welcome gift…

Join a VIP chat group to claim free MODA wearable NFTs. The first 50 verified Member Channel users will get the digital goodies as well as:

  • Early MODA alpha; news, mints, and drops from our community and partner networks that have been curated by the MODA operational team

NearPAD and MODA DAO are pleased to announce a step in a positive direction for the community of NearPAD and their first $MODA token holders. Given the collaborative nature of MODA DAO’s whitelisting, the cap on the amount being raised and the number of participants; once verified on NearPAD, participants will be selected via a lottery based algorithm. This ensures a zero-scam, evenly distributed launch, providing all participants with a fair chance at taking part in this once in a lifetime IDO.

MODA’s multi-chain future is now another step closer.


MODA DAO is defining the future of music ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralised governance and automated finance.

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