3 min readDec 7, 2021

Multiple EVM DEXs and CEXs are being tapped to establish the foundation of a Music3 future.

MODA DAO’s mission in this current epoch is to create as much inclusivity and collaboration as possible; it’s the only way forward to a cross-chain future. As the IDO sales occurred (and sold out) on Ethereum, Fantom, NEAR, and Polygon, it was important that exchanges on these chains were the first MODA interacted with.

You can find $MODA on the chains mentioned above with the following exchanges/pairs:


Sushiswap: MODA/ETH

Spookyswap: MODA/FTM

Quickswap: MODA/wETH



Ethereum: 0x1117aC6Ad6Cdf1A3BC543baD3B133724620522d5

Polygon: 0x5e430f88d1be82eb3ef92b6ff06125168fd5dcf2

Fantom: 0x6496994241804d7fe2b032901931e03bcd82301f

NEAR (Aurora): 0x74974575d2f1668c63036d51ff48dbaa68e52408

Each exchange plays its own role within the overall MODA DAO ecosystem. Initially, they’ll help to build and cultivate communities on each chain. You can purchase the $MODA token on any of the DEXs or CEX mentioned using your chain of preference and the links provided.

As the nature of MODA DAO is multi-chain, you may like to brush up on bridging information to the aforementioned chains. An article will be shared shortly.



The MODA approach to liquidity across chains and exchanges is simple. Community IDO funds are being used to provide liquidity on the secondary chains, with the belief that healthy music, NFT and DeFi ecosystems will naturally attract more liquidity on those chains. MODA has deployed most of the $350,000 IDO raised funds across SpookySwap, QuickSwap and NearPAD DEX with some still to be added this week.

SushiSwap remains the focus for deeper project and community-provided liquidity, because this is where our liquidity mining integration will take place. Heavily influenced by Illuvium’s pre-launch staking program, our staking contracts are with Certik for audits at present and will go live as soon as they are determined to be secure. If staking contracts need to be deployed across other chains, a community consensus will need to be reached:

DAO formation updates

Formation of the DAO will come together early in 2022 after all of the following:

  • ‘Path to governance’ introduction article
  • MODA Foundation legal accounting process
  • MODA Foundation board announcements
  • Voting and proposals framework
  • DAO roles and token threshold discussion

We look forward to the formation of a true DAO in 2022, and aim to have a fully autonomous onchain DAO by 2026. For now, community feedback and opinions will be taken seriously in discord, especially inside the token-gated channels.


A few things on the MODA DAO roadmap will be released towards the end of the year and start of next year, including:

  • An audio-fingerprinting tool that seal on-chain musical IP
  • An NFT aggregator that will allow music NFTs to be streamed natively via Emanate Live
  • Music3 Blueprint and first releases
  • $MODA staking and LP rewards at
  • New liquidity and $MODA farming programs on multiple platforms

As the first few projects of MODA’s roadmap begin to unfold, it’s an exciting time for the community. We look forward to releasing innovative and never-before-seen products that will change the music industry and Music3 space for the better. Get involved in our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord for announcements, MODA updates, and community collaboration!


MODA DAO is a decentralized technology network and community. Designed for the metaverse and the play-to-earn era, MODA is dedicated to adopting Web3 in the music industry via NFTs, micro-licensing, DAO governance, and DeFi.

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MODA DAO is defining the future of music ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralised governance and automated finance.